EMHKAM PUMPS was founded in Thessaloniki in 1977 as a small machine shop in the city’s centre.

From the beginning of its operation, EMHKAM PUMPS started an annual growth after 34 years of operation.

Has ranked at the top of the Greek pump and tank equipment manufacturing companies.

This development has been based on steady and decisive steps with the sole purpose of manufacturing quality products.

In recent years, EMΗΚAM PUMPS has created an investment program which includes new building facilities, the creation and development of new products, quality assurance systems, and the purchase of new mechanical equipment.

The company houses all its activities in privately owned facilities of 2000 m2 in the industrial area of Sindos in Thessaloniki.

The company’s facilities consist of the following:

1. The production area
2. The offices
3. The reception area
4. The warehouse
5. The paint shop
6. The testing room
7. The locker room
8. The restaurant


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  • EMHKAM PUMPS manufactures quality products.

  • We use excellent raw materials and manufacturing methods.

  • We have been at the top for 34 years!

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